The Heart of Ham Radio


Low Cost Simplex Radio

Simplex Radio means talking to other people on a single radio frequency without the use of repeaters. 

5 Watts and a well-placed antenna is all you need. More power works too, but it's all in the height and efficiency of the antenna.


Local Simplex Nets build community

HAVE FUN...make new friends

LEARN...good Simplex takes practice (and a few bucks)

SERVE COMMUNITY...if an emergency arises you'll all be prepared

K.I.S.S.  .... Keep It Simplex, Stupid!!



All it takes is a commitment to build a network of licensed Hams:

  • Develop e-mail list of local Hams
  • Make a "group" on YAHOO Groups, Google Groups, etc to send mail to the above list notifying of net.
  • Get the word out about scheduled nets to all the local clubs
  • Hold every net on every scheduled day & time.
  • Remind folks to monitor the frequency all the time.
  • You all will be surprised at how many Hams in your community, over time, will be attracted to Simplex.

Special News

Interesting Information

From the ARRL Operating Manual (2003):


Chapter 3, FM The Friendly Mode, in a paragraph marked "Go Simplex" it says, among other things:

"After you've made a contact on a repeater, move the conversation to a simplex frequency, if possible. The function of a repeater is to provide communications between stations not able to communicate directly because of terrain or equipment limitations. If stations are able to communicate without a repeater, they should always use simplex whenever possible so the repeater will be available for stations that need its facilities." p.3-10

Link: Happy about Hamfest purchases!!

Link to Creating Antenna Coverage Map 

Weekly Simplex Nets

We meet at 8 PM local time (Central) on 146.415 FM Simplex every Saturday and Wednesday.


Watch & Listen to a Simplex Net HERE


Join our YAHOO Group here


We meet at 8AM 2nd and 4th Sat of each month for coffee/breakfast at:

****    Courtney's Restaurant   ****

 4066 N Mount Juliet Rd, Mount Juliet, TN 37122 

ALL Hams and interested non-Hams welcomed!!

Only two ARRL Simplexton Groups in USA

We are the only other Simplex-centric ARRL affiliated group in the USA.


Other is the Simplex Club on Long Island in New York

Remember: Repeaters tend to make Hams lazy about local communications.

Link: Response of three New Hams when told to go Simplex.

Make Simplex Great Again!!

  • Resurgence of Simplex Radio is necessary for the long term growth and success of Amateur Radio
  • Each town/county in the USA needs to establish their own Simplex frequencies
  • Local Emcomm/ARES/RACES groups should hold weekly Simplex Nets
  • All of this activity will draw in newly licensed Hams to get on the air with local folks.
  • These new Hams will develop over time to be better able to serve their areas via Simplex.

Simplex and other Ham links


Amateur Radio Weekly Newsletter

The best web aggregator of Ham Radio articles and news: (archive only)

This is produced by one of our Simplex Net participants in Middle TN, Cale K4HCK

American Radio Relay League

Biggest and baddest advocate for Amateur Radio in the U.S. and possibly the World:

You don't have to be a member to access many of their resources. Membership is indeed worth it, though.

Simplex Radio Explained

Don't be surprised that 146.415 isn't on the list of "normal" Simplex Frequencies, but that's the beauty of Ham Radio: WE decide where to operate on the approved portions of the band.

How far can I be heard???

Many factors affect radio signals, but the important ones are:

  1. Antenna Height
  2. Antenna Efficiency
  3. Feedline efficiency
  4. Wattage leaving the antenna
  5. Surrounding Terrain: hills, mountains, lakes, large trees, etc.
  6. Weather conditions

See formula below for calculating line of sight distance for radio waves.

Radio Line-of-Sight Calculations

The formula, of course theoretically, for how far your signal travels over the face of the earth:

Line-of-sight = Square root of (2 X height of your antenna) PLUS the Square root of (2 X height of 2nd antenna)

Or, if you're bad at math, use the calculator here.

Azimuthal Map

Sounds like a medical condition, but this link will give you the relative (to you) direction of any other station to you so that you know where to point your directional antenna.


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